Throughout history, the horse has been one of the most loyal companions of men and also one of the most versatile animals in the progress of humanity. Haras El Molino is a breeding stables that has been adapting to the needs of the Endurance sports world, constantly searching to enhance our bloodlines with the most recognized and successful lines in the world. Our horses show an incredible predisposition towards long distance racing, they are enduring, strong of heart and character, which is necessary in the modern world of Endurance.

For more than 20 years, Haras El Molino has been successfully breeding internationally active and successful Endurance horses. The wide but careful selection of national and international stallions and our convincing register of breeding mares allow us to always have a great stock of wonderful foals with great futures. By choosing the best pedigrees, structures and conformation in the mares and stallions used for breeding, we hope to always achieve the best results in the foals. Our main breeding goals are quality and sanity and therefor, our horses inherit all the best attributes of the Arabian Horse: delicate but correctly built, resistant in distance and heat, courageous, smart, ripe with heart and stamina, delightful and beautiful, breeding with only those animals who exhibit the most adequate physical attributes and finest temperaments.

Our offsprings show not only a strong predisposition towards Endurance, but also a promising future as broodmares and breeding stallions. Implementing our bloodlines into others will result in a positive change of the appearance of the Endurance Horse in the worldwide sports business. Our excellent breeding mares reflect outstanding and internationally renowned pedigrees with strong bloodlines with the likes of polish Wagram, Gwizd and Szanghai, russian Padron, egyptian-spanish golden cross El Shaklan, egyptian Ansata Imperial, and El Dyrah, Ali Jamaal, LC Duzar or EO Fawakin, just to name a few.

Haras El Molino always has a great stock of Purebred Arabians and Anglo-Arabians of almost every age for sale. Feel free to visit us at any time and maybe you'll find the horse of your dreams in our stables. 

T Blazing Czar EO Fajj RO Jordan