Situated in the beautiful surroundings of Chile's capital city Santiago, in the Metropolitan Region, the stables of Haras El Molino are placed in the district of Curacavi. The typical landscape is the main attraction, with its soft hills, valleys and wide fields which invite to explore on horseback.

Over 25 years of expertise and reputation of breeding Arabian Purebreds and Anglo-Arabians shows in a constant stock of foals, yearlings and horses in training. We do not only have horses for sale but also offer stallions recognized worldwide and proven in Endurance races for breeding, boarding, taming and training for horses and riders.

The owner Carlos Letelier has always been passionate about riding, since his childhood he has been actively involved in national competitions in Showjumping and Dressage, Polo and Rodeo and has bred horses for those disciplines. However, later on he decided to dedicate all of his time to the breeding of Endurance horses and to competing nationally and internationally. Creating a place like Haras El Molino, he made his dream of breeding and training horses in this beautiful environment of the Valley of Curacavi come true.

Riding instructor and certified horse trainer Maxi Wimmer with an experience of over 30 years and having worked in several Dressage and Showjumping stables and breeding facilities in Germany, brings the soft approach of Natural Horsemanship and Join-Up to the educational process in the taming and training of the horse. With the well-being of the horse as prime directive, she has presented excellently prepared horses from Haras El Molino all over the world.

The professional care for the horse, the teaching and training by the well-trained staff, excellent feeding and nutricion and regular vet checks assure the well-being of all the horses living in Haras El Molino.

Here at Haras El Molino we dedicate all our time and effort to making the lives of the horses as natural and good as possible, and at the same time take advantage of the best traditional and new methods of teaching and training. Our horses are trained to ensure balance, sure footing and easy handling, and they learn rhythm to be able to gallop over long distances without tiring.