Haras El Molino is and has always been very active in the world of Chilean and South American Endurance. Not only breeding and training fine Endurance horses, we also participate on a regular level with experienced horses and new horses that have just gone through the taming process. Every year we have new horses to present at the races, some of them showing excellent ability to adjust to any terrain and the velocity without any problems.

In an endurance race, the horse is tested not only in speed but also in resistance and recuperation. To be successful in a race that lasts 80 km, 120 km or even 160 km, the horse needs to have all of these traits to race efficiently. Here at Haras El Molino, we strive to provide the rider with skilled horses, born and bred for Endurance races, with excellent bone structure, resistance, a trained heart, a fast recuperation and strong but soft movements.

For more than 20 years, we have been participating successfully in Endurance on national and international level, as for example in the Junior World Championship in Argentina in 2007, with our horses HCAS Anakena, RO Jordan and Bassam, racing for the Australian Team and just recently at the 2017 Panamerican Endurance Games in Uruguay, where Maxi Wimmer and EO Salma made 3rd place at an average speed of 22.44 km/h, which stands as official Speed Record for Chile in out-of-the-country 4* competitions. We also hold the official Chilean national speed record for CEI2*120km with EO Salma. Our horses continuously figure among the Top 5. CL Evelyn (now called Mazyoona) has shown her incredible potential in outstanding performances like the 1st place in the 2020 Yamamah Cup for Mares at an average speed of 29.09 km/h.

Our horses nowadays are racing all over the world and show great ability for this sport, excellent leg structures, a strong and easily recovering heart and they always begin and finish a race with the same attitude and motivation.